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 Magento 1&2 Search by SearchTap

Upgrade your Magento store with SearchTap's ultra fast & highly relevant Magento Search Extension

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Magento Ecommerce Search Extension

Almost 30% of eCommerce site visitors use the search box. These high intent customers convert up to 5-6X higher than average non-site search visitors.

  • Search Results in Milliseconds
  • Tailored to your
  • SearchTap helps you build the best search experience for your customers by delivering relevant results at lightning fast speed. Under the hood, we use advanced predictive analytics and adaptive machine learning algorithms to help customers find relevant results from the very first keystroke.

  • SearchTap automatically completes search queries by delivering rich, insightful and intuitive product suggestions to customers, moving them from search box to checkout. With superior language modeling techniques such as full text search, n-gram matching and stemming, customers find relevant products in no time.

  • SearchTap allows merchandisers to control which information is indexed and offers the flexibility to influence search result rankings. Clients can increase engagement on specific products by "boosting" certain content or using custom attributes such as ratings, monthly sales, margins, etc.

Instant Search Results Magento

See search results as you type

With investments in unrivalled technology and best in class cloud infrastructure, SearchTap offers world class speed and reliability at each keystroke. Search results appear as users type and are displayed as a combination of images and text, offering a rich user experience that helps improve product discovery.

Help visitors narrow down their choices using dynamic filters

SearchTap’s dynamic faceting feature allows users to refine search results across multiple product attributes such as category, price, size, color, brand and more. Filters are updated dynamically at each keystroke and arranged automatically based on user search patterns making product selection easier for visitors with a high purchase intent.

Synonyms Magento Site Search

Use synonyms to deliver right products

There exists a serious concern knowing what exactly a visitor would search for, will it be ‘denims’ or ‘jeans’? SearchTap enables merchandisers to create associations between similar meaning search terms relevant to their industry, so that keywords within a synonym set will return same results. For instance, an ecommerce website that sells handbags can create custom synonym sets for ‘handbag’ and ‘bag’ to show similar results for these queries.

Typo Tolerance Feature Magento Search

Reduce exit rates with typo-tolerant search

Users often make spelling mistakes as they type and land on "no results" page. Typically this leads them to leave a website disappointed and increases bounce rate. SearchTap's typo-tolerant algorithm automatically handles typos and shows corrected results for misspelled queries thus reducing website exit rates.

Search Relevance

Influence search result rankings

SearchTap allows merchandisers to influence search result rankings by promoting specific products without compromising on search speed or reliability. Our clients get complete control over search results to increase product engagement on selected brands, higher margin products, new arrivals or stuck inventory by using attributes such as product ratings, monthly sales, margins, popularity, etc.

Mobile Search Magento Searchtap

Optimised for mobile devices

45% of all eCommerce traffic come from mobile devices. Searchtap offers the same search experience on mobile phone and tablets as it does on desktops and laptops. Product images, filters, and other information is carefully optimized and presented on mobile responsive layouts to increase user engagement and conversions. Our search-as-you-type and typo-tolerance features help customers find whatever they fancy on any device of their choice.

Real Time Indexing Site Search

Seamless live-indexing with auto-sync

SearchTap always keeps your catalog up to date by automatically indexing products in real-time as they are are created or updated. It’s auto-sync & real-time indexing capabilities instantly capture any latest product additions, price changes and inventory updates ensuring that customers are always searching across an up to date catalogue.

Site Search Analytics Searchtap

Understand visitor intent with real-time search analytics

SearchTap offers data-driven insights that help store owners drive crucial merchandising decisions. Our all-in-one intuitive dashboard provides real time reporting and detailed insights on most searched products and zero result queries. Behavioral analytics help merchandisers better understand customer intent and deliver relevant search results.

Easy, 3 step integration

Create your SearchTap account and get
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Install & configure the SearchTap
Magento Extension
Deploy SearchTap provided template & Javascript files to go live!

Guided setup by search experts

Hundreds of clients around the globe trust SearchTap as their search partner. If you're considering to offer your users a better search experience or just want more information, we're happy to help you.

  • Passionate Support

People like you SearchTap


"Complete Package!"

The SearchTap team’s expertise in working with B2C brands and e-commerce stores really helped us make up lost ground (in the online retail space). Their product is the complete package for our store. Search now regularly contributes around 40% of our website revenues.

Ajay Khanda
CEO at Glen Appliances


"Fantastic Experience!"

Working with SearchTap was a fantastic experience. We didn’t expect that a search solution would help us improve our storefront as well. While earlier we used to see a one-off sale from our search, with SearchTap we have search users converting more frequently than

Yash Gangwal
Founder, Urban Monkey

"Simply Phenomenal!"

We had been looking for a specialized search solution for our store when we saw SearchTap. The search speed and experience looked simply phenomenal. We don’t think our old search could even come close to matching what we’ve seen with SearchTap. We saw a positive impact from day one.

Sujata Biswas & Tanya Biswas
Founders at Suta
Helping Build Scalable Businesses with