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Publisher Site Search by SearchTap

Enhancing content discovery and engagement for Publishers/Bloggers

SearchTap's versatile solution for digital content creators delivers better search results and augments revenue from your owned audience.

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Explore a new way
to monetize

Search users have more than 60% higher Avg. Session Duration
and almost 2x Pages/Sessions

Guided Search Setup

Our in-house customer success team will take SearchTap live on your website in no time with minimal involvement of your dev team.

Real-time Sync

Automatic re-indexing of your articles instantly captures any updates and additions to your publication for the ease of customers.

Built for Digital Publishers

SearchTap will help you monetize search users by naturally placing ads in the search results so that they have a higher chance of getting clicked. Our lightning-fast search experience for publishers and content creators helps increase page views and owned audience engagement.

Combat Ad Fatigue

Ad placements in the search results are more effective than the ignorable
banner ads.

Show Relevant Ads

Every ad impression will be aligned to your readers’ interests for maximum
value creation.

Monetize your visitors

Use this new avenue to improve the monetization potential of your owned audience.

Pricing that fits Publishers & Bloggers


Deal with ad fatigue with format that doesn’t interfere with a visitor’s search experience. Generate incremental revenues by leveraging the power of content!


The monetization plan is absolutely free and no hidden conditions. Show relevant ads to your owned audience and deliver an engaging search experience!


Ad Platforms are decreasing publisher revenue share while our model leaves you a higher proportion of money you can generate on your site!

Customized Search UI/UX

Display search results in a search results page that is unique to your site.


Search results appear, as users type, with strong typo tolerance offering a rich user experience.

Smart Dynamic Filters

Personalized search filters that automatically update along with the search query.

Mobile Optimized

Same speed and search experience with mobile responsive layout.

Implementation by Search Experts

Our in-house success team will handle the onboarding with minimal help from your dev team.

Real-time Sync

SearchTap instantly captures any updates and additions and delivers relevant results.

Get higher engagement and better click-through
rates with SearchTap


A clear & transparent payout process and reporting. Trust in all our relationships is very important to us.

Incremental Monetization

Ads placed in the results will be in addition to your usual ads and won’t compete with other ads on your platform.

Zero Real-estate

Ads will appear only on the search results page and not interfere with other obligations that you have.

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