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Search user are 216% more likely to convert so invest in a fast and responsive site search to capitalize on these shoppers.


Build the best search experience for your site visitors with SearchTap and deliver relavant results from the first keystroke thanks to our advanced full-text search algorithms.


Our customer success team will help you throughout the onboarding process and designing of the custom search results page for your store. Revitalize your eCommerce search with minimal involvement of your tech team.

See search results as you type

SearchTap anticipates what users are searching for as they type, enabling them to find relevant results in milliseconds. Results are pulled instantly from an extensive catalog and shown with images, pricing, and variants from the first keystroke. Your search users will experience world-class speed and reliability to find the most relevant information within your data. This helps visitors save time and improve product discovery.

Smart dynamic filters that help visitors jump to the right products

SearchTap’s advanced filtering feature allows users to refine search results across product attributes such as category, collections, price, size, color, brand and more. Filters are updated dynamically and show the number of relevant products, making product selection easier for visitors with high purchase intent.

Get a mobile optimized search for your Shopify Plus store

More than 60% of all eCommerce traffic comes from mobile devices now and Searchtap offers the same search experience on mobile devices as it does on desktops and tablets. Product images, filters, and product descriptions are carefully optimized and presented in mobile responsive layouts to increase user engagement and conversions.

Deliver right products with synonyms

SearchTap enables eCommerce retailers to create associations between similar meaning search terms to return the same results. For instance, a store sells bags but only lists the products with the word "bags" in the title. Users searching for "handbags" would see zero results and leave the site disappointed. In this case, setting the synonym set of "bags" and "handbags" would return the same results.

Search that handles spelling mistakes

SearchTap's inbuilt typo-tolerant algorithm automatically recognizes simple spelling mistakes that users make and shows results for the correct product. or instance, if a user misspells or accidentally types “swarowski ring”, instead of going to a “no results” page which would compel them to leave your store, SearchTap will automatically detect the typo and still show results for “swarovski ring” and help reduce exit rates.

Showcase sponsored products BETA

SearchTap gives you complete control over search result rankings to increase product engagement on selected brands, higher margin products, new arrivals, seasonal items or stuck inventory. This flexibility allows merchandisers to influence search results as they like and promote products to meet business-specific goals. SearchTap also offers an option to read custom raking attributes to make this process easier.

Automatic real-time data sync

SearchTap always keeps your catalog up to date by automatically syncing products in real-time as they are changed. It’s auto-sync & real-time indexing capabilities instantly capture any latest product additions, price changes and inventory updates ensuring that customers are always searching across an up to date catalogue.

Intelligent insights to understand customer behavior

SearchTap provides merchandisers with data-driven insights that help drive vital decision making. Our all-in-one intuitive dashboard provides real-time reporting and detailed insights on search terms, conversion rates, zero result queries, popular search trends, etc. to help improve the customer shopping experience, increase sales and build long-term customer loyalty.

Easy, 3 step integration

Create your SearchTap account and configure our app
Create a copy of your current theme & deploy SearchTap provided template & JS files
Go live

Guided setup by search experts

Hundreds of clients around the globe trust SearchTap as their search partner. If you're considering to offer your users a better search experience or just want more information, we're happy to help you.

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"Complete Package!"

The SearchTap team’s expertise in working with B2C brands and e-commerce stores really helped us make up lost ground (in the online retail space). Their product is the complete package for our store. Search now regularly contributes around 40% of our website revenues.

Ajay Khanda
CEO at Glen Appliances


"Fantastic Experience!"

Working with SearchTap was a fantastic experience. We didn’t expect that a search solution would help us improve our storefront as well. While earlier we used to see a one-off sale from our search, with SearchTap we have search users converting more frequently than

Yash Gangwal
Founder, Urban Monkey

"Simply Phenomenal!"

We had been looking for a specialized search solution for our store when we saw SearchTap. The search speed and experience looked simply phenomenal. We don’t think our old search could even come close to matching what we’ve seen with SearchTap. We saw a positive impact from day one.

Sujata Biswas & Tanya Biswas
Founders at Suta
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