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JewelMaze uses’s search and smart dynamic filters to improve search conversions by 20%.

  • When we were talking with the team, we were quite impressed with their experience working with online retail and brand stores. Our search is now better than ever and now delivers accurate search results within milliseconds.

    Ritesh Barbhaya, Founder, JewelMaze - Ritesh Barbhaya, Founder, JewelMaze

About JewelMaze

In 2016, Mr Ritesh Barbhaya started JewelMaze - India’s first vertically integrated Fashion jewellery marketplace. They are one of India’s most prominent and trusted e-commerce platform for high-quality affordable fashion jewellery which connects consumers with manufacturers, resellers, exporters, and designers on their platform. Their product range includes the largest collection of traditional as well as fusion Indian jewellery.


JewelMaze had set up their store on Shopify and were looking for ways to improve conversions from the existing traffic without increasing marketing spend. While Shopify did provide them with a great platform to manage an e-commerce business, it underperformed in areas like site search which was affecting profitability.

After talking to, they saw how much money they were leaving on the table because of the poor search solution which they were using. Moreover, they had no insights on search data and which searches were leading to zero results.’s role in improving the JewelMaze’s e-commerce search

“We were under the impression that site search was just a navigational tool but after talking to, we re-evaluated its function for our eCommerce store. We were excited to understand how improving the search could help our company,” explains Amina Khan, E-commerce Head at JewelMaze.

Having more than 8,000 offerings, the JewelMaze team now wanted a search solution that could overcome the limitations that they were facing with the default Shopify search. They had realised that the default Shopify search could not offer custom filters which were vital for their website visitors.

Once JewelMaze had seen’s ultra-fast search as you type and dynamic filters in action, they were eager to see the improvement these changes would have on the site. The search as you type technology would also have strong typo tolerance and synonyms support which could help overcome an important shortcoming of the old search.

Once implemented,’s smart filters worked well on desktops as well as on mobile devices which resulted in a seamless shopping experience. Search users would always see relevant options along with the number of products available thanks to the filters altering to the search query. These efforts helped to increase engagement with search users and keep them on the site for longer.

The new search bar came with its own set of analytics which showed data like the top searched terms collected by it. Custom Google Analytics events were also set up with assistance from team on the JewelMaze Analytics account that captured other shopper interactions like most commonly used filters. With insights like these, JewelMaze was able to revamp their sales and marketing strategies with better targeting and products.

“We had no idea that search could be such an integral part of the e-commerce store. The team was extremely helpful and motivated which really simplified the onboarding process,” Amina said about her experience with


Search Conversion Rate
Total Search exits
Average bounce rate

Results after implementation

1. Search conversion rate increased by 20%

2. kept JewelMaze visitors engaged as %Search Exits decreased by 50%

3. Search Bounce Rate was 40% lower as compared to all users which bounced off


Ritesh says, “When we were talking with the team, we were quite impressed with their experience working with online retail and brand stores. It was one of the reasons that made it easier to partner with them. Our search is now better than ever and now delivers accurate search results within milliseconds. The new filters they have implemented have improved the search experience on our store tremendously. They are a great change of pace from the restrictive Shopify search experience. Our experience working with them has been quite amazing.”

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