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Propshop24 achieves 11% increase in search conversion rate with

  • Search is now contributing more than 35% of our revenue and our mobile conversion and engagement rates have never been higher. is the best Shopify site search app.

    Ayesha Alam, Head of Marketing & Strategy at PropShop24 - Ayesha Alam, Head of Marketing & Strategy at PropShop24

About PropShop24

Voted Best Speciality Store by Mumbai Boss in 2013, PropShop24 offers its customers a curated selection of fashion accessories, home decor and gifts. They work with designers from Germany, Holland, France, Israel, Thailand, USA and India to curate products from Indian and Global brands.


Ayesha Alam, Head of Marketing & Strategy at PropShop24, was concerned with how poorly their site search was performing on mobile. “We saw that close to 30% of mobile search users were bouncing from our website. As mobile traffic regularly contributes close to 80% of our revenue, we did not want to overlook this segment. When we weren’t able to improve the search results for mobile users with our then search solution, we started looking for a better solution to improve the search experience,” Ayesha explained.

What PropShop24 wanted out of

The PropShop24 team was using InstantSearch+ but they were looking for a solution that could deliver a good search experience especially on mobile. At the same time, they did not want the search relevance to suffer. With on board, the first task was creating a seamless search experience to PropShop24 store visitors across devices.

To start with, PropShop24 wanted to show as many products as fast as it could for mobile search users. That would mean that mobile users would not have to keep scrolling to find something that interested them. The team was impressed with the search as you type technology of and felt that it would be the ideal solution for their needs.

Taking cues from the website’s layout, the team worked out a design that would work well for both desktop and mobile visitors. This page would support’s innovative search as you type and language modelling technology that would start showing accurate results right from the first keystroke. also moved the search icon to a more prominent position for mobile traffic. Having a visible and easily accessible search bar made it so that this traffic would be able to search for their desired products and thus stay on the site for longer.

Earlier, mobile users also getting irrelevant results due to typing errors owing to limited space and form factor of mobile devices.’s strong typo tolerance understood these typing mistakes that were common for mobile users and showed accurate results to search users directly. This made a big difference for the PropShop24 e-commerce search on mobile.

To further enhance the mobile shopper experience, also implemented smart dynamic filters for both mobile and desktop. For desktop users, these would appear on the left side of the search results where users could select relevant filters to refine their search query without even leaving the search page. Mobile users were shown a separate mobile app type interface where they could easily use filters to refine their search.

This helped dramatically reduce search load time for PropShop24 and resulted in an increase in customer engagement metrics which in turn led to a rise in conversion rates.

“We’re over the moon with our new mobile search. It’s so smooth and quick our customers love it and its showing in our engagement metrics as well. We look forward to seeing what more we can do with this search,” said Ayesha. He continued, “We’ve started looking into our search analytics as well and it has given us some ideas about the direction we will take our store in the future.”


Search bounce rate
Search conversion rate
Search revenue

How helped PropShop24

1. Site search Bounce Rate fell by 87% and %Exits for search users halved

2. 11% improvement in search conversion rate and 5% increase in search revenue is a great fit for any Shopify e-commerce store

“After careful evaluation, it became clear for us that would be a great fit for our store. Their team handled the implementation on their own and were very responsive to our ideas. They were able to deliver a fantastic mobile search experience with a highly relevant e-commerce search at the same time. Search is now contributing more than 35% of our revenue and our mobile conversion and engagement rates have never been higher. Shoppers are now able to find products within seconds of entering our store. It’s the best Shopify site search app,” said Ayesha.

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